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* In the spirit brought forth in the book series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! to see the value of proactively working together to improve the overall well-being of humanity, a portion of the proceeds for this book series and the author’s Art Store will be donated to help support promising research into the cause, treatment, and management of MS, Diabetes, Cancer, Hydrocephalus and mental conditions (Bipolar and Depression).

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Inner Child Press


I love the forcefulness of the words. All simply stated but with optimism, hope for the future and the proactive nature of we the people.

These pieces remind me of Whitman and Sandburg and Emerson whom I loved to read as a teenager..

Perhaps your words will entice our young people of today to go out and change the world and not complain about what has passed, not complain about what our government is not doing for us. Perhaps your words will entice we the people to take the lead and be responsible for our own world and our future in it..

Thank you Keith for your writing and wisdom. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photographs of your twin grandbabies. This is a wonderful and inspiring piece of work..

Madeline Sharples
Author of Leaving the Hall Light On

The foundation of Keith’s poems is “courage.” Make that COURAGE, because Keith isn’t worried about the usual work shopped-to-death poem one sees over and over again in magazines and on the internet. He wants his reader to see what he sees the way he sees it and that takes courage. He’s risky. His line breaks come when he breathes. His verse is sometimes free, sometimes sculpted, sometimes danceable. His images walk straight into your mind and find their way to your heart with no detours, no missed turns.

I go to Keith’s work when I want to feel real. When I want to know a “regulatory pattern/ without hesitation/or remorse/on the earth’s part.”

A wonderful read! Thank you, Keith. Write on!

Martina Reisz Newberry
Palm Springs, CA 2012
Author of Learning by Rote

Keith Alan Hamilton is a fabulously gifted Michigan poet, essayist and photographer. Nature ~ IQ is a beautifully written compilation of Keith’s poetic works, filled with depth and insight into the world as it is and as it should become.

Denise Denomy
Photographer/Digital Artist

“Everyday free verse” says it all! In the tradition of Walt Whitman, Ez Pound and Gary Snyder arrives K A H.

With lines like “Fu k No”, or “My mother has never…” , or, “if we the people”- KAH gives refreshing American poetry! and good insights.

Highly recommended!

Dave Eberhardt
Poet/writer, Peace Activist and Mentor
Author of Poems from the Website, Poetry in Baltimore

Keith Alan Hamilton, crossed my path approximately 3 years ago. I am forever grateful for his presence in my life.  He is one of the most sincere people that I know.  He is unique, or as my Papa used to say – Uni-Q.  He is a witty, sarcastic, loving, a fantabulous writer, supporter of the Arts and a highly intelligent human being.  Keith is as honest . . . as the aeons are long. If you do not expect to hear his opinion, don’t ask.  This sincere quality is a rarity in ‘humanity’, that I find refreshing, and appreciate so much.  Keith, wears no mask !I had the good fortune to meet him in person at a Poetry ‘Gig’ in Boston.

Like a lot of us, he is a mixed bag of goodness and righteous anger.  People talk about healing the world, and do nothing.  This is not so with Keith.  Keith is a DO-er.  I have the utmost respect for the Man, Artist, Writer, Photographer and finally and certainly not least, my Eternal Friend.  Within the pages of Nature ~ IQ “Let’s Survive, Not Die”, you will see exactly what I mean.  Buy one for yourself, and another as a gift.  In doing so, you will be servicing humanity as well.

Janet P. Caldwell / Author

First of all, Keith is an exceptional Human Being. For myself, this is where it all begins.  He is a keen observer of the myriad of nuances that make up life.  Being an observer he is quite adept at capturing aspects of the grand Human Involvement which is not always so comfortable to face for most of us.  However, in doing so, confronting the sometime uncomfortable truths we are always the better for it.  I applaud Keith, for courage to speak out is not one of his weaknesses.

Finally, when all the dust clears and we regain our vision as a collective, you will find Keith right there beside you, the rarity, is that he is an advocate for the evolution of goodness he purports throughout his work in Photography and Poetry and all that he chooses to involve himself with.

Blessings Keith


William S. Peters, Sr.

Inner Child

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