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“If We the people holistically increase our Nature ~ IQ, WE THE HUMAN-KIND – due to the growing  effect of earth change, will SPIRITUALLY envision the benefit of working together to improve the overall well-being of ALL HUMANITY; an improved well-being for ALL HUMANS,  through this holistic process of intelligent progression, the Nature ~ IQ of  We the people will become adaptive enough to survive any drastically disruptive type of earth change to come in the future.”

The spiritual intent behind the book series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die ! is deeply rooted with a care and concern for ALL THE HUMAN-KIND. The Pro-Human vision and selfless purpose embedded in this series is to inspire and unite We the people of planet earth by way of a more SPIRITUAL mindset. A SPIRITUAL disposition that would guide HUMANITY to a more holistic felt-sense as to the timeliness of focusing on the life preserving objective of improving the overall well-being of ALL THE HUMAN-KIND.  Why? So We the people through a process of intelligent progression will have the time to concentrate on increasing our so-called Nature ~ IQ (what we continually learn to understand about Nature and how it’s systemic process works as a totality). Why? So spiritually, We the people through much effort and struggle within our collective process of thinking (reflective consciousness), will become adaptive enough to survive any type of drastically disruptive earth change that is to occur in the future.

Have I inspired you to read on ……  hopefully !

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As the introduction to the first published book in the series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die ! says:

No matter if these earth changes manifest themselves separately or in combination and regardless if these earth changes appear in forms, such as: climate change with more violent weather or through global plagues, super-volcanoes, killer asteroids, in an increased amount and intensity of earthquakes and tsunamis, human born nuclear war or terrorism, or maybe even the arrival of unfriendly extraterrestrials, etc.  If We the people are provided the proper supportive environment, afforded enough time and opportunity to find a way; then We the people, helping ourselves can and will be able to survive and adapt to whatever obstacle of change Nature and its earth throws upon us.” A proactive SPIRITUAL WARRIOR type NATURE that utilizes Non-Violent Direct Action to motivate HUMANS to envision the time and circumstance for setting aside our differences.  To also see the wisdom in releasing the inherent expectation of teaching every HUMAN to think and act exactly like us.

This will be a three book series spirited by the premise that improving the overall well-being of ALL THE HUMAN-KIND will increase our chances for survival.  This is especially more significant during a time when any type of drastically disruptive change occurs to our earth’s life regulating system.  The philosophical intent behind this book series is to initiate a SPIRITUAL – critical mass movement of thought within human collective consciousness.  A reflective conscious form of spiritually united thought that intelligently progresses HUMAN-KIND’s Nature ~ IQ (what we continually learn to understand about Nature and how it’s systemic process works). This critical mass moment of thought spirited by an improved well-being of ALL humanity in conjunction with our respective governments will inspire We the people of planet earth to proactively develop a process for adaptation planning and its implementation as the methodology to live through earth change.   The most imperative collective transformation, or co-evolutionary paradigm shift the human species must undergo to sustain and preserve itself into the future.

How so! As the introduction to the second book in the Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! – Adaptive Transitioning (book now being written) says:

A happy, healthy, prosperous and informed humanity is then more hopeful, confident, self-sufficient and more a productive contributor to society. This improved overall well-being for the people is the primer that ignites a more positive mindset about the gift of life being lived to its fullest potential.   A more worry free state of being, frees the mind of the people from the burden of day to day ills.   The more open and clear the mind is with less distraction, helps the people see the wisdom for becoming united and focused through a commonality in purpose, the survival of humanity.  We the people as a whole will then be more willing and able to set aside the differences between us that the trials and tribulations of life have exacerbated.  This shared purpose with a clear vision, the preservation of the human species, spirited on by an improved well-being will help the people to not only want to take a more active role in life, but be more proactive in our efforts.  Humanity will see the need to come up with and implement concepts and practices in conjunction with technology to help humankind plan to adapt in a timely and the most fitting way to any type of earth change to come.

To achieve this improved well-being for all, We the people of planet earth must also find a way to partner with each of our governments.  This partnership would work to provide a more nurturing and developmental support system for human growth and potential.  Not a system that becomes overly dependent on the funding of government and excludes private enterprise.  However a partnership that develops the model and then helps to role out the system with the type of support to be offered.  All support services provided to humanity would be freely accessible and affordable.  This system of support with the services offered would have a transitional and transformational objective.  Therefore this type of objective would work on creating a social environment where the people overall will learn how to come up with ways to help themselves. The goal would be for every human to become over time more self-sufficient and a more positive contributor to society.  Wherein this would create a reciprocating feedback loop so to speak, where each transitioning human within this process would in turn be more willing and able to help another to find the way to help themselves as they did.  The first book in the series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! outlined five key services as the fundamental building blocks of this type of support system.  Known and proven concepts and practices used in conjunction with technology to increase well-being that need to be improved and updated, wherefore becoming more freely accessible and affordable: energy, information/education, transportation, housing and health care.

All the books will be written in a poetry/prose blend, essay style, pictorialized with photography.  They will be nonfiction, philosophy (a balance between Empiricism and Rationalism, Objectivism and Subjectivism) with an emergent spiritual flavor.  The style of words or the art of words,  the way words were chosen to be used in this book series was alluded to in the Preface of the first book.

In addition to my sayings and prose, I have chosen to use poetry, with its inherent capability to bring forth and express, to make more palatable the full flavor of any intelligently perceptive insight embedded in its words.  Within the beat of poetry, the people can enjoy the insight and then hunger after the thoughts that make up the integral fabric of its character. The experience of such a creative process may inspire the people themselves to add more tasty ingredients or seasonings to the overall mix.  Hopefully this process will help to create a recipe more palatable to all humanity.  Although, some may suggest I’ve reduced the recipe for poetry into more of a prose-like mix. I feel my everyday free verse style, with its empathic twists and turns of perception, will be more satisfying to the taste buds of a broader spectrum of people.  Words such as these may cause the use of a more multi–dimensional perspective when thinking about what is presented within this book, rather than the more traditional approach to poetry.

As I make reference to in the Preface of the second book in the series (book now being written).

The late David Bohm on page 63 of his book Wholeness and the Implicate Order referred to poetry “as an art form” having a primary function “to give rise to a new perception, and to action that is implicit in this perception, rather than to communicate reflective knowledge of ‘how everything is’.”  As I say further in the Preface, “I hope my poetic style of words have that same type of effect, to inspire the creation of novel and timely ideas through a process of intelligent perception in others.

The poems and sayings used throughout this book series may seem deep and long winded at times.  They may twist and turn the readers mind to invoke “a more multi–dimensional perspective.”  They also metaphorically illustrate through the art of poetry to the reader, that the intelligent perception of novel and fitting  ideas to the circumstance of the times don’t come easy.   As a saying from the first book in the series states:

It’ll take great insight after much struggle through effort within the process of thinking together for humanity to sustain and then preserve its kind into the future; wherefore these would have to be intelligently perceptive insights, intelligently applied with our innovative technologies; thereafter implementing our insight and technology through primary and alternative contingency plans that will need to be flexible, preparatory, preventative and transitional in design; wherein scientifically being formulated around a more holistic understanding of the universal processes systemically regulating all of Nature as a whole system in the physical, not just the earth; as well as coming to the systemic realization that Nature’s recurrent pattern of universal processes as they unfold and enfold through time are dynamic and not preordained or fixed; therefore certain aspects of Nature may need within the human process of intelligent progression to be modified through time to help sustain and then preserve humanity as a kind within time.

Also as the poem We the People initiate Change infers (written to be in the second book of the series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s, Survive, Not Die! – Adaptive Transitioning).

we must discern
and accept beforehand
or during the process
that all of this
ain’t gonna be easy
‘cause it will take
much struggle
through our effort
within the process of thinking
to emerge
a global think tank of thoughts …..

And too what was written in the Postface of the first book of this series as to its freely accessible and affordable objective for all humanity will hold true with the rest of the other two books.

When writing this book, contemplating how to publish it and then distribute it, I often thought of Thomas Paine.  How valuable the printing press was in publishing his pamphlet Common Sense and then helping the information therein to become more freely accessible to others. What a timely and convenient blessing for those who were afforded the opportunity to weigh the most pressing issues, formulate opinions, and make decisions with a more diversified perspective.

It is within the same spirit that I’ve released my thoughts and words through poems, sayings and more, offering one more perspective to the overall mix so others, We the people, facing the most pressing issues of our day, like earth change, can formulate clear opinions and make well informed choices that lead to timely and sound decisions about humanity’s future survival.

The pictorial symbolism for each book will have a different theme that highlights a specific aspect of humankind’s ability to be adaptive.  The first book is the human baby. This illustrates our ability to sustain ourselves through the resilient process of reproduction.  It serves as a positive reminder for humanity of why we would want to proactively try to sustain then preserve our species. The second book will be the butterfly. The butterfly’s metamorphosis from cocoon to flight illustrates to humanity that we are capable of transitioning through earth change and also reveals our journey to survival is an ongoing process.  The third book will be that of the eagle.  The eagle illustrates the reflective conscious ability of humanity to seek transformation through the intelligently progressive process of enlightenment. It emphasizes the collective realization of humanity as a whole to increase our Nature ~ IQ, our understanding about how Nature systemically works.  This knowledge can then be used to help each other learn how to survive any type of earth change that may happen in the future through the utilization of proactive adaptation planning.

I am training to qualify and then run the Boston Marathon in the future (2016 or 2017) to promote the release of the 2nd book and one of it’s essay poems:  if   ~  We the people Strong   ~   and the pictorial symbolism for each book will be tattooed on my body as a living metaphor for all in attendance to better visualize my commitment to the expressed purpose of this three book series.

This blog also is a living document (a work of art in progress) which carries on the tradition of its author and his vision of publishing as expressed at Keith Alan Hamilton.comSo this means regular visitors to this blog will be able to observe and read the creative process of each book in this series either in it’s past or present state.  For instance, even though the first book of this series  is now complete and can be purchased in Print or for free can be read in PDF and Flip-book format,  readers can  click the category heading Book One to read about the individual componets created to bring the first book in the series to life.  The category heading Book Two at present will allow the reader to observe each aspect of the second book in the series as it is created.  There is as well a book store and a link directory at this blog where you can check out the resources used to write this book series.

Don’t sit on the sidelines of life.  Be Proactive!  Spread the Word! “Let’s Survive, Not Die!”  We the People can Adapt!   So read on…..

* In the spirit brought forth in the book series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! to see the value of proactively working together to improve the overall well-being of humanity, a portion of the proceeds for this book series and the author’s Art Store will be donated to help support promising research into the cause, treatment, and management of MS, Diabetes, Cancer, Hydrocephalus and mental conditions (Bipolar, Depression and Autism).

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