If the overall wellbeing of humanity is to become healthy, joyful, prosperous and peaceful……

“If the overall wellbeing of humanity is to become healthy, joyful, prosperous and peaceful, so to enhance our ongoing survival as a species; We the people must firstly believe in, have faith in, our collective ability to bring about such a condition through transitional change; we must believe, have faith that humanity will be able to achieve change despite the diversity of our opinions, beliefs, traditions, cultures, national ideology, and political parties; that through the process of enlightenment, we shall come to understand, change becomes possible by focusing on one unifying purpose, the betterment of all humanity; it is within the aura, this spirited intent of improved wellbeing, We the people will intelligently set aside our differences to collectively concentrate our efforts and then invoke progressive change; such a liberated mindset will envision the wisdom of establishing a nonpartisan relationship with our servant(s) the government(s); a cooperative partnership that’s unencumbered, freely functioning without bias or hidden agenda as to purpose: this type of proactive union will inspire and then implement concepts that become freely accessible and affordable practices which will transform humanity into a healthy, joyful, prosperous and peaceful world.”

Saying by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

Thank you for taking the time to observe the creative process of the sayings to be used in the 2nd book of the series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die!  Read the first book in the series – PDF version here for free (computers and smartphones): https://www.nature-iq.com/download/NatureIQ%20ebook1.pdf.  Soon to be published in print by Inner Child Press.

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