We the people of the earth

We the people of the earth
must want to
be willingly to
move toward the future
as one
where we
set aside our differences
become team players
to acheive an all important
and imperative objective
the survival of humanity
We the people of the earth
can no longer afford to be
overly sidetracked
in trying to change each other
to fit some unrealistic ideal
where everyone
needs to become the same
this nationalistic clone
We the people of the earth
must also stop being
so absorbed in pointing
the finger of blame
with those proclamations
that pass judgment
for the ills of the world
like little childern
tattle telling
on schoolmates
to the teacher
while avoiding
a measure
of self responsibility
for the matter at hand
We the people of the earth
must shift our energies
concentrate our focus
on the bullseye of the target
those things on the horizon
which threaten
human existence
by proactively preparing
for how to live on
as a species
far  ~  far beyond
whatever obstacles  ~
those being cast before us
be it by demon
the angry gods
or even ourselves
in the form
of the ill-informed mob
We the people of the earth
can do it
in spite of
any threats
that try to wreak havoc
to human wellbeing
despite what
may materialize as
or chaotically disruptive
not only for us
but all the living
whether it does so
overtly, tenaciously or subtly
hidden in camouflage
over  ~  time
We the people of the earth
must keep close to our heart
the words to that song
used through the years
to reflect the positivity
of our attitude
toward our struggle
our endurance
we unitedly must sing…..
We Shall Overcome
We the people shall
walk hand in hand
as one “we are not afraid
We the people of the earth
as we find strength
to push forward
in the remembrance
the history
of our resiliency
by way of adaptation
where transition
came about
after much struggle
through effort
in our way of thinking
we learned
within our experiences
from a process of
intelligent progression
we transformed ourselves
due to the circumstances
to endure and survive
the dynamic landscape
of those times
yes that was
and still is us
now and into the future
the human-kind
We the people of the earth

Words by  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

Thank you for taking the time to observe the creative process of the poems that could possibly be used in the 2nd book of the series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! Read the first book in the series PDF version here for free (computers and smartphones): https://www.nature-iq.com/download/NatureIQ%20ebook1.pdf.  Also soon to be published for purchase by Inner Child Press.

All Words & Images Copyright © 1999-2015 - Keith Alan Hamilton - All rights reserved.