Introduction for book two of the book series: Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! – Adaptive Transitioning

I am currently in the process of writing the introduction to the second book in the Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! – Adaptive Transitioning

A happy, healthy, prosperous and informed humanity is then more hopeful, confident, self-sufficient and more a productive contributor to society. This improved overall well-being for the people is the primer that ignites a more positive mindset about the gift of life being lived to its fullest potential.   A more worry free state of being, frees the mind of the people from the burden of day to day ills.   The more open and clear the mind is with less distraction, helps the people see the wisdom for becoming united and focused through a commonality in purpose, the survival of humanity.  We the people as a whole will then be more willing and able to set aside the differences between us that the trials and tribulations of life have exacerbated.  This shared purpose with a clear vision, the preservation of the human species, spirited on by an improved well-being will help the people to not only want to take a more active role in life, but be more proactive in our efforts.  Humanity will see the need to come up with and implement concepts and practices in conjunction with technology to help humankind plan to adapt in a timely and the most fitting way to any type of earth change to come.

To achieve this improved well-being for all, We the people of planet earth must also find a way to partner with each of our governments.  This partnership would work to provide a more nurturing and developmental support system for human growth and potential.  Not a system that becomes overly dependent on the funding of government and excludes private enterprise.  However a partnership that develops the model and then helps to role out the system with the type of support to be offered.  All support services provided to humanity would be freely accessible and affordable.  This system of support with the services offered would have a transitional and transformational objective.  Therefore this type of objective would work on creating a social environment where the people overall will learn how to come up with ways to help themselves. The goal would be for every human to become over time more self-sufficient and a more positive contributor to society.  Wherein this would create a reciprocating feedback loop so to speak, where each transitioning human within this process would in turn be more willing and able to help another to find the way to help themselves as they did.  The first book in the series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! outlined five key services as the fundamental building blocks of this type of support system.  Known and proven concepts and practices used in conjunction with technology to increase well-being that need to be improved and updated, wherefore becoming more freely accessible and affordable: energy, information/education, transportation, housing and health care.

Don’t sit on the sidelines of life

tired of feeling
for simply being
human   ~
tired of humanity …..   being
for causing
the ills of the planet   ~
tired of hearing
the humankind
has been judged ….
for destruction   ~   to die
not going to survive
THEY say
we deserve it
‘cause of human
deficiency and
the wages of sin
need to be paid …..   reaping
what we’ve sowed
while struggling
to live
evolve and adapt
in an environment
governed systemically
by so-called Laws of Nature
a manifestation of the Divine   ~

DAMNED eternally

even though
we weren’t given
a do-all guidebook
or manual to these
Laws of Nature
to assure our success
when following them   ~
the most of us
you and me
We the people
of the earth
each and every day
are trying to do
the best We can
for our family
and ourselves   ~   wading
waist deep in the mire
the natural waste product
of lived experience …..
……   a process of
intelligent learning
refined by trial and error
within the ongoing struggle
as a species of creation
and self-production
to resist
and stave off entropy   ~

let us ponder …   be aware
maintain the dynamic balance
the yin-yang
the positive and negative
of the feedback loop
between the objective
and subjective
system of reflexive thought
as a collective   ~
reflective consciousness

why should We the people
who choose to accept
not only strive to learn
to help
not to be more
of a burden
on others
at least not more than
what is inherently necessary
but through
cognitive interaction
with a dose of empathy
see the cooperative wisdom
the spiritual essence
within connectivity
and interdependence
to help others learn
how to help
become more
self- reliant
so they in turn
are willing and able
to help others
do the same ……
……   do We the people
have to feel bad
about anything
or everything
feel useless
not worthy of living
numb to the point of apathy
even if
mistakes were made
along the way ….   spirited by
our noble efforts
against the odds dealt us
as to perfecting
our atomic   ~   subatomic
implicate …   explicate
orderly condition
chaotically progressed
through a kind
of bifurcation
creatively titillated   ~

hear me loud and clear
We don’t have to feel bad
about nuttin’…..   especially
if We the people
choose not to   ~
choose to move beyond
such inhibitions
and socially embed

humanity  …
…..   I implore   ~   you and me
us  ……
We the people
must not
sit on
the sidelines of life
as some disenchanted
guilt ridden spectator
‘cause of the bummer rap
placed upon our shoulders
for the trials
and tribulations
the ills of the planet
due to the mirage
of misinformation
spread about
by the THEM
all those
who don’t really
to really know
for sure …..   that THEY
are correct
about how Nature
and its sub-system earth
really   ~   really work
and what effect
a minuscule aspect
in the scheme of it all
has on altering
Nature’s systemic ways
for the worse
by somehow   ~
someway destabilizing
the recurrent pattern
of how all things
seemed to
always have been  ….

……   now is the time
more than ever
while standing in the AIR
~   of
the speculative and assumptive
biosphere of conjecture
that’s over-carbon foot printing
the clarity of the facts  ….
……   to make ready ourselves
prepare   ~   plan to adapt
ardently become proactive
as to a singular focus
on one worthy
all important purpose
the ongoing preservation
of   ~
the human species
instead of squandering
time haplessly away
deeply entrenched   ~
fortified behind
the never-ending
embattlement of our pious
and ridged differences

let’s spring into action

spread the word ….
of our global cause
“Let’s Survive, Not Die!”
despite what Nature
whips up
as far as drastically
earth change
be it by climate
or some other form
of natural disaster
extraterrestrial ……
…..   whatever

We the people
must firmly believe
in our hearts and minds
that helping others
help themselves ….   finding ways
to improve the overall well-being
not for some
but for all   ~   realizing
the pursuit of   ~
and a sense of purpose  ~
~   for all to have
a want to live
~   will in the end
benefit us all  …..
…..   We must also remember
the outcome
produced by
our deeds and actions   ~
our mitigative attempts
to save the earth
or more importantly
our proactive
adaptation planning
to firstly save ourselves …..
…..   it was
far better to have
the foresight to try
as later perceived
in the eyes
of thankful generations to come
than to have done nothing at all   ~
what was the harm
what was the crime
what was the sin
for our heartfelt
and concerned effort   ~

“easier said than done”
as THEY say …..   nuttin’
more than
a motivational speech
just more hot air
from some rabble-rouser
utopist poet
like the title
of that folk song   ~   “blowin’
in the wind”

well …….   unless you help show us
the way  …..

how do We start
this process
and where do We go
from there   ~
are fair and valid questions
that need to be asked

why not start this seemingly
arduous process
with helping ourselves   ~   first
please don’t misconstrue
what I am about to say   ~
for the time being
We must set aside
the romantic notion of being
the savior of all else
at least until after
we have increased
our overall Nature ~ IQ
understandably to the point
of better knowing
how the totality Nature
systemically functions
on its sub-system earth
to give us
the humankind
the ability to begin
and then implement ways
which will save ourselves

We the people
are the bedrock
the foundation
of every country
and the responsibility
rests upon our shoulders ….   finding
the united will
and inspiration to begin
a sort of co-evolutionary   ~
social movement
with our servant
the government
regardless of
its various manifestations
the world   ~   masquerading
for some as ruler ……
……..   each and every nation
should voluntarily
without the lure of monetary gain
nor as a ploy used to obtain
leverage over others
establish   ~
this pro-human
think tank
a one-minded
politically nonpartisan
only possible
or feasible ….
…..   if it has one noble agenda
like the gallant knights
of the round table
with their code of honor   ~
the preservation of our people   ~
solely committed to developing
through a bond forged in integrity
concepts and practices
with the life sustaining objective
of creating a practical
and usable model
adaptive enough
resilient enough
and transitional enough
so its methodology
becomes transformational
a social/economic road map
that We the people can follow  ….
…..   implement and build as one
into a cooperative
and progressive
support system   ~
~   a helping others
to help themselves
to help others
help themselves
help others
self- helping support system
for improving
the human condition
increase well-being
where such an environment
becomes reliant on itself …   feeding
itself by self- invigorating
the industriousness
of the people to bring forth
a more stabilizing
economic infrastructure
within the process
of supply and demand
more in tune with the present
and integrally embedded
with the foresight
to continually adjust to fit
the future
in conjunction with
the development
of innovative
technologies   ~   working
to stimulate
the production of  …..
….   freely accessible
and affordable
and services
in the following
areas   ~
and housing   ~   creating
employment opportunities
which stimulate the economy
for the ongoing benefit
and growth of the people   ~

~   however

for us …..
…..   We the people
to be successful
by way of our noble efforts
We must
look beyond ourselves
across the horizon
of our borders
the proud as a peacock
puffed up
tail feathers
where We
of a particular nation
possess this mentality
that We are
all that and more  ….
…..   and that seemingly
is all
really matters   ~
~   this lack
of perceptual empathy
our unwillingness
to stand in
another nation’s
not to become as them
or to learn about them
so we can change
to be more like us
but to see the world
from their perspective
another nation’s
way of viewing reality
which in turn
will broaden
our perspective ….   helping us
to more fully conceptualize
how things are
what will happen
and what we need to do to live on  …

~   let us ponder
our inability
as a nation
to do this   ~

our lack of
perceptual empathy
our vision
our ability
to comprehend
more fully
the strength
the wisdom
and the everlasting
of our
interdependency   ~
~  the positivity of
our collective
interconnectivity   ~
~  the inherent
interactively intelligent
adaptively sustaining
and preservative
process of coupling
as a cognitive species
this accumulative advantage
of influence
driven and reinforced
our genetically
need to reproduce   ~
spirited on by
the socially embedded
proverbial command
of holy writ
with words like
multiple   ~
and subdue  …..
…..   no doubt
the enlightenment
found within
factors such as these
hopelessly renders
once and for all
the misnomer
of population control
as a tool serving
mitigative purposes
to slow
the progression of
earth change
as being
not feasible
further revealing
the growth
of the human population
as this force
that can’t be ignored
or deterred

population growth
its expansion
is …..
…..   a powerful asset
massively beckoning
to be utilized
in a positive
and substantial manner

~   eureka   ~
intelligent perception
becomes emergent

the actualization
the realization   ~
~   one nation of humans
can’t overcome ….
….   survive
the enormous
disruptive effect
various forms
of earth change
Nature will impose
on humanity
without regret   ~
~   by themselves

clearly …..
…..   We the people
affect each other
like the moon’s gravity
on the tides of the sea
as the population grows ….
…….   every land of humanity
is a fertile environment
vibrantly teeming
with minds
more than able
to create the all important
and crucial ideas
and practices
in conjunction
with their ability
to develop
innovative technologies
that will contribute
one by one
to the overall solution …..
……..   understandably
We the people
of one nation
will go
about it
a little differently
than another nation
but all will need to see the wisdom
in utilizing
the spirit
of cooperation
by finding a way to build
a partnership
their kind
of government
effectively acquiring
the necessary resources
for getting things done
yes …..   start to
help themselves

each and every nation
that We the people
make up
must see
the ideological value
in forming together a nonpartisan
global think tank
a collective
of concepts
that evolve into
timely and workable practices
a model for survival
flexible enough
to be molded to fit
the needs
and environmental circumstances
of every nation
a plan that can be adapted
to the social-economic
of their own ways
without changing
their culture
or having to leave
their land
while experiencing
a form
of earth change

humanity ….
don’t sit on
the sidelines of life
be proactive
spread the word ….

“Let’s Survive, Not Die!”

then while undergoing
the never-ending
process of
earth change to come
We the people
will be able to be
adaptive enough
resilient enough
to transition
like the butterfly
from cocoon
to flight
as our children
and their children’s children
help each other
to help themselves
if necessary   ~   flying
to the heavens
and beyond
so We the people
shall live
on and on ….
…..   on and on

Image & Words by  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

All Words & Images Copyright © 1999-2015 - Keith Alan Hamilton - All rights reserved.