We the People initiate Change

A poem written to be in the second book of the series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s, Survive, Not Die! – Adaptive Transitioning.

if earth change
is looming on the horizon
~    regardless
if these drastically disruptive
changes   ~
change the way we live
the way we currently
feel comfortable with
the earth
the ebb and flow
of its seasons
its climate
what we are accustom to  …..
right now   ~
this regulatory system
that has been stable enough
learn then adapt
spread out and prosper
this great dynamic
earth system
without conscience
or bias
will change
like it has before
through either
global heating
or global cooling
some super volcano
or by massive earthquakes
even from objects like asteroids
or meteors dropping
from the heavens
as if planet killer bombs
sent from the Nature gods
or even the unthinkable
the horrific acts
of unfriendly extraterrestrials   ~
if We the people
of the planet
want to initiate change
be prepared to survive
any type or a combination
of these kinds of happenings
be able to adapt
and then transition
our species to be able
to go on in the future
We the people
must proactively
take the lead
take charge of
control the outcome of
our destiny
and not count on Gaia
(AKA – mother earth
poor metaphor
’cause a loving human mother
would not bring harm to her children)
or its gods of the totality
of it all …… Nature
to save us   ~
We the people
must accept our self-responsibility
beyond just ourselves
as individuals
accept that We as Individuals
can choose to be
a Cooperative of Individuals
who want to create as a people
as the humankind
a social environment
a global modal
with a living document
(a work in progress)
or a book of guidlines
that outlines
and will bring forth
novel ideas
concepts and practices
no matter if
new or the old
the tried and the true
that’s modified
or updated to fit
the needs and conditions
of the times
concepts and practices
in conjunction
with innovative technology
that not only will start us
down the road to change
begetting preservation
and survival
but will improve the overall
well-being of We the people
a globally created environment
that will uplift
the spirit of the people
to develop and contribute
more fully as a people
for the everlasting well-being
of all the people ……
and by learning
how to change our ways
to be more willing and able
to proactively make change   ~
increased well-being
and the transformation
of We the people
really   ~   really
within our united
intelligent progression
and to help
prevent discouragement
we must discern
and accept beforehand
or during the process
that all of this
ain’t gonna be easy
‘cause it will take
much struggle
through our effort
within the process of thinking
to emerge
a global think tank of thoughts …..
….    wherein
this united effort by us
We as individuals
but consciously
We the people
living on planet earth
realize   ~
and envision
the cooperative struggle
the emergent effort
of We the people
the human-kind
that if We   ~   change ourselves
through an intelligently progressive
process of   ~
increased well-being
proactive adaptation  ~
and transformation
like the transmutation
of the butterfly
from cocoon
all the way to flight
wherefore   ~   changing
ourselves to live on ……
sustain and survive
despite any type
or a combination
of kinds of happenings
that bring about
drastically disruptive
earth change in the future

peace out

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

All Words & Images Copyright © 1999-2015 - Keith Alan Hamilton - All rights reserved.