One Focus ~ the survival of humanity

Read the eBook Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die free of charge at the link below (distribute this link widely). Excerpt from the conclusion of the ebook – pg, 103:

“Despite humankind’s difference of opinion, our diverse array of beliefs, traditions, cultures, national ideology, political parties, etc., if our overall purpose is focused on one key goal, the survival of humanity, then we can set aside our difference of opinion. We the people together, working with our servant(s) the government(s) can then communicate more freely, unencumbered without bias or hidden agenda. Globally together, We the people and our government(s) can form a nonpartisan collective; a think tank so to speak, to figure out how to adapt to, and then survive drastically distributive earth change. This collective mindset could then be used as one voice to communicate clearly and effectively to We the people, the humankind throughout the world, what needs to be done.”

~Keith Alan Hamilton~

Read ebook version here (COMPUTERS AND SMARTPHONES):

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