It seems prudent to question the logic shown by any people…..

Saying from page 118 of my online book (click here) Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! (read PDF version free of charge, computers and smartphones)

“It seems prudent to question the logic shown by any people, who knowingly live on a dynamic planet that has a history of entire species coming to an end through environmental changes to impede the development of technologies; for instance a technology like space travel, which could be used to assure the survival of the people into the future.“

Saying by ~ Keith Alan Hamilton~

We can assert our right to choose if we care to live on or not…

Saying from page 116 of my online book (click here) Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! (read PDF version free of charge, computers and smartphones).  You can buy the print version here

“We can assert our right to choose if we care to live on or not, whether we choose to do something or not to help assure humanity will live on into the future; and yet, despite if we choose not to live on, why would we not try to do our best to prevent a world that would rob our children and their children’s children the same opportunity to have the right to choose; whether to be able to live on or not or to do something or not to help assure humanity will live on into the future?”

Saying by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

With earth changes ominously on the horizon,

Saying from page 20 of my online book (click here) Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die!  (read PDF version free of charge, computers and smartphones)

“With earth changes ominously on the horizon, the cry of the protester for change to ‘The People’ and ‘The Man’ should be no longer, ‘Make Love, Not War,’ but more urgently,
Let’s Survive, Not Die.”

Saying by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

A society not concerned for the welfare of the people….

Saying from page 3 of my online book Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! (read PDF version free of charge, computers and smartphones)

“A society not concerned for the welfare of the people, neglecting to develop and maintain a system that’s freely accessible and affordable in the areas of energy, information/education, transportation, housing and health care, is a society not intelligently progressive enough to envision the benefit to all in doing so; therefore, such a lack of insight, not learning from the acts of societies in the past, they make the ill-informed choice, which progresses the slow suicide and the overall demise of the people; how will we the people in our time choose?”

Saying by  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

Photography used in book one of the series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die!

Photography used in book one of the series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die!  Poems, Sayings and more…. used to address the most pressing issues on earth  ~  facing humankind

Read the book online free of charge here: Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! (PDF version for computers and smartphones)

Photography by Jenna Lindberg - All rights reserved
Keith Aan ~ All rights reserved
Photography by ~Keith alan Hamilton~ - All rights reserved
Keith Aan ~ All rights reserved
Photography by Jenna Lindberg - All rights reserved
Photography by Jenna Lindberg - All rights reserved
Photography by Jenna Lindberg - All rights reserved
Photography by Jenna Lindberg - All rights reserved
Photography by Jenna Lindberg - All rights reserved
Photography by Jenna Lindberg - All rights reserved
Photography by Jenna Lindberg - All rights reserved
Photography by Jenna Lindberg - All rights reserved
Photography by Jenna Lindberg - All rights reserved
Photography by Jenna Lindberg - All rights reserved
Photography by Jenna Lindberg - All rights reserved

Mother Earth: living our human way

Poem from page 54 in the online book Nature ~ IO: Let’s Survive, Not Die! Read online the PDF version (Computers & Smartphones) for free here:

Mother Earth: living our human way
letting go of the metaphorical mother

some people metaphorically call earth
mother, as in “Mother Earth”
or even in a more broader
all-encompassing sense, “ Mother Nature”
now in Greek mythology
this mother nature was called, “Gaia”
no matter what analogy used
for some, the earth is portrayed
as if to be the giver and sustainer of life  ~
well if I may say so,
as a mother,
as a mother
like my real mother,
the earth as a mother
falls miserably short in the comparison
‘cause my mother, although
genetically embodied
and socially embedded with human frailty
as a mom and a woman who has faced head on
many ills and obstacles set before her in life
as the mom who helped give me life
as the mom who helped sustain my life
who never, ever once allowed anything
affect or after undergoing the effect
of conditions thrust upon her
either directly or indirectly done to her
never, ever altered her role
as the giver and sustainer of my life
my mother has never, ever once
tried to bring harm to me or to
those daughters and sons of other mothers
my mother is a hero, even before
I realized she would earn
such an honor beholden to my eyes
being felt way more
than some archetype of mind
emotionalized within my heart
oh mother earth, mother nature
the one known as this goddess Gaia,
I can’t realistically or genuinely say or feel
nor conceptualize metaphorically
even begin to compare my Mother
my Mom or my Grandmother
as if  ~  somehow  ~  similar with you
however oh earth, well as if
you could actually hear and listen to me
I’ve come to know all too well
not only subjectively,
but objectively, I need to understand you
conceptualize beyond
the metaphors cast upon and over you
I must lift off the veil that shrouds
your role, your purpose, your function
within the scheme of all else
if not only for me, my children
and their children
also for humanity as a species
to be able to go on living
for us humans to be able to sustain
and preserve our kind into the future
I must see you naked before me
the best I humanly can
without predisposition
being entrapped, ensnared
by any analogy, symbolism or belief
subtly fogging, biasing
or impeding my judgment
as to clearly seeing, perceiving
and fully envisioning
what you are now or may come to be
whether as to your worth
or out of mere necessity to detach from you
~  oh earth, despite your changes
uncovered in the past or yet to happen
even if drastically disruptive changes
that may occur within or upon you
like rapid and destabilizing climate change,
with violent weather, as well as global plagues,
super-volcanoes or killer asteroids from the sky,
earthquakes or tsunamis
or human born nuclear war or terrorism  ~
even the arrival of unfriendly extraterrestrials, etc.
I hold no malice or blame against you
for you know not what you do
as a planet or portion that is only a sub-system
a dynamic part of a whole system
undergoing complex activities
the holomovement as explained by Bohm,
recurrent patterns of process
unfolding and enfolding
interacting, interconnecting
and being interdependent as
the living and the nonliving
the animate and the inanimate
as manifested in the physical reality
which comprises in its totality  ~  Nature
nor earth, as I learn about you
and all else as aspects within Nature
do I hold any malice for or blame
against my kind, the humankind
‘cause we evolved upon you through survival
sheer willpower we used, even while dying
no manual or guidebook to follow
only living and trying
by way of self-production, variation
cooperation and adaptation
eventually, attempting to pass on
information in the form of
knowledge and wisdom
as much as what was learned
from our struggle within thought
comprehended or imagined along the way
to survive, we’ve had to move on,
regardless of the happenings of the past
and yes at times,
in spite of how things were
may have seemingly always been
we’ve had to let go of
our metaphors
traditions, our symbolism
and our beliefs held so tightly
with all their comforts
we’ve left them behind, forever
as nothing but memories of our past
yes one day, oh Mother Earth,
Mother Nature, the Greek goddess Gaia
the regulator of our human lives
even though,
in a metaphorically sense
you are a poor
and inadequate mother to the humankind
holding us captive to your systemic ways
if humanity is going to survive, go on
we’ll have to free ourselves
partially or wholly from your
archetypical bondage
like any loving mother
you’ll have to let us use our wings
to fly among and throughout the stars
that expanded environment of Nature’s totality holding out hope
within the human mind
at present littered with inhibition and guilt
you must completely without remorse
let us go  ~
so finally we’ll more fully learn
from the opportunity of having the chance
to move about unencumbered,
as an embryonic child
detached at birth from the mother’s womb
after cutting the tie of the umbilical cord
casting behind once and for all
the hindrance preventing us  ~
limiting us from living our human way

Words by  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~
Image property of  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~  All rights reserved

surviving earth change: choose for life

Poem from page 90 in the online book Nature ~ IO: Let’s Survive, Not Die! Read online the PDF version (Computers & Smartphones) for free here:

surviving earth change
choose for life

looming in our future
are super-volcanoes, killer asteroids
global plagues, climate change,
et cetera
all could bring to fruition
disruptive variations of earth change ~
what will we do about these threats
give up, give in,
as well as feel guilty
about what
should of  ~  could of
been done
therefore resigning ourselves over
to pity’s burden and apathy’s reign

some say don’t worry, there’s really
nothing we can do; why not ignore it
and if such things would happen at all
it’s doubtful it’ll occur during our life

others on high infer,

we them masses ain’t
smart enuff to change nuttin
and us peoples
no ways gonna change,
‘cause we keep doin’
like we always do

you can take that to the bank

well  ~  in spite of
what the politician
or even some preacher
or that
well-educated intellectual
and scientist claim  ~  I say
just yous wait a sec
and in the way my common,
everyday grandpa used to say,
yous pert near had me a thinkin’
in a way, heaped full of feelings
and paralyzing fears
I nearly forgot about sound reason

just because the THEY
say it is so
doesn’t mean
all things said by THEM
are right or is
the only way to follow
or become  ~
and the hell
with that screwed up
guilt trip thing
living is hard enough
to waste energy
on the blame game
pointing our finger
at one another
let us use
our mind to reason
let’s use
our ability to question

who gave us humans
some kind of guidebook
revealing every step of the way
about living
that would guarantee
our ongoing survival
come on now
we gotta stay open-minded
about the facts
what was
how it happened
as experienced
when we and those
of the past lived them

let us think
and let’s remember

didn’t we the people
do what  ~
what we had too
didn’t we survive, live adaptively
humanizing our chances by novelty
creatively bettering our lives
through much toil, blood, sweat
and yes through tears
not just as other life
with pure brawn
where the strong
shall survive
but we also
used our brain
which is so, so fully
by way of our technology  ~
like in the past, so in the future
we the people
can and will survive
earth changes
if we want too  ~
if we the people
work in a proactive way
through tireless effort
within our shared
thinking process
not so unlike, we humans
have had to do
so many times in the past
even if different
regarding the circumstances  ~
if we the people
face it head on
determined to go on
the earth change
presenting itself before us
we together,
you and me
within our cooperative
lived experience
sharing a common purpose
of survival
pressing on as one
a proactive oneness
emerging a sort of
spiritual bond
spirited on
by the connectivity
of our interactions
our interrelationships
illuminating the benefit
embedded into
our interdependence
embodied  ~
into our evolutionary
process of life
that desire to live on  ~
no matter what  ~
if we the people
help each other
and then within such a spirit
if we the people
by way of our cooperative acts
engaging the help of our government
partnering together  ~
create a more freely accessible
and affordable living environment
a living environment shaped around
proven concepts and practices
those of energy  ~
information/education  ~
transportation  ~
healthcare and housing  ~
concepts and practices
which create employment  ~
satisfy supply and demand  ~
stabilize the economy  ~
inhibiting chaotic conditions
from materializing within the people
wherein  ~  along the way
during the lived experience
of such a cooperative process
that of human betterment
and empowerment
while expanding our Nature  ~  IQ
we the people
can give birth to
intelligently perceptive insights
intelligently applied
with innovative technologies
if we the people
mutually ~ within an
intelligently progressive
learning process
yes  ~  we together,
you and me
learning to implement
our insights with technology
in conjunction with proactive
primary and alternative
contingency planning
contingency plans
needing to be preparatory,
preventative, flexible
and transitional
just the right amount of  ~
mitigation and adaptation
formulated around
a more holistic understanding
of the universal processes
regulating all Nature
as a whole system
not just the earth  ~

~  for instance
just an example
if we prepare now to adapt
by focusing on the right things
when climate change occurs
laying fallow our fields
our so-called bread basket
a land of waste
from the effect of draught
we convert the land
letting go of its
once thought of purpose
no longer tilled rows
with seeds of solar panels
providing then  ~
a supplemental energy source
which would grow
permanent jobs around
operation and maintenance
feeding the economy
keeping it stable
helping to satisfy
supply and demand
while helping to prevent
blackouts and shortages
within the primary
source of energy
in the process of evolving
from fission to fusion

~  and in like mind
producing similar results
how ‘bout
a self-sustaining
Bucky Fuller type
geodesic dome-housing
for the people
to live and prosper
becoming more resilient
to the drastically disruptive
effects of whatever
manifestation of earth change
even if  ~  such abodes
due to a changing environment
need to be constructed
and transitionally adjusted
redesigned to fit
the current circumstance
upon or below the land
above or within the waters
or in the sky
or if necessary
orbiting the earth
and even beyond
offering an alternative option
for an ever-expanding populace
overflowing with opportunity
and adventure that could lend to
the preservation  ~
the survival of our kind

wherefore  ~
within the mitigation
and even more so
the proactive adaptation
of we the people
partnering with our government
to reinvent, create and develop
concepts and practices
like these……

beholden to the hope
and the faith
within the spirit for life
we can and shall survive
somehow, somewhere
even if, all seemingly
above and beyond
so far from what
we together,
you and me
may now know
but still, right there
before us all
to fight for and obtain

only if  ~
we the people  ~  humanity
choose not only to live
we together ~ you and me
should also choose for life
offering our children and their
children’s children
the choice to live and go on

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

One Focus ~ the survival of humanity

Read the eBook Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die free of charge at the link below (distribute this link widely). Excerpt from the conclusion of the ebook – pg, 103:

“Despite humankind’s difference of opinion, our diverse array of beliefs, traditions, cultures, national ideology, political parties, etc., if our overall purpose is focused on one key goal, the survival of humanity, then we can set aside our difference of opinion. We the people together, working with our servant(s) the government(s) can then communicate more freely, unencumbered without bias or hidden agenda. Globally together, We the people and our government(s) can form a nonpartisan collective; a think tank so to speak, to figure out how to adapt to, and then survive drastically distributive earth change. This collective mindset could then be used as one voice to communicate clearly and effectively to We the people, the humankind throughout the world, what needs to be done.”

~Keith Alan Hamilton~

Read ebook version here (COMPUTERS AND SMARTPHONES):

~ to freely live: creating the way to do so

Poem from page 50 in the online book Nature ~ IO: Let’s Survive, Not Die! Read online the eBook PDF version (Computers & Smartphones) for free here:

~  to freely live
creating the way to do so

Roosevelt talked
of them
and then Rockwell
painted them
those four freedoms
noble goals
for humanity
to reach for  ~
I think
we need
a little jolt first
like a jumpstart
to a car battery
a power of persuasion
that will
restart humanity
ignite the economy
getting us rolling
down the road
of life again
fueled on
by way of
and affordable
driving us forward
to better living
conditions  ~
and yet,
for this kind of
road to be tread
for us to achieve
this promising
its process
would need
to be supported,
and administered
by the servant
of the people
for the people
our government
creating the avenue
for making
freely accessible
and affordable
for all
and to all
a reliable
and primary
source for
~  energy
~  information /
~  transportation
~  housing
as well as
~  health care
all for  ~
keeping humanity
steady and strong
assuring a wanting
within the people
to live on  ~
the foundation,
the stimulus
for revitalizing
and creating jobs
to self-empower
we  ~
the people
into becoming
more of a contributor
as if the architect
laying out plans
to build our future
rather than
hopelessly the taker
walking the streets
begging for
any handout
but instead,
within the struggle
of this process
similar to
the long distance
the terrain
while heading for
the finish line
we create
for ourselves,
the possibility,
the opportunity
to meet
the expectations
set before us
in those four
lofty goals
~  freedom of speech
~  freedom of worship
~  freedom from want
and also
~  freedom from fear
‘cause we humans
through our efforts
will continue
to survive
from our ability
~  to freely live

Words by  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

Poem from page 50 in the online book Nature ~ IO: Let’s Survive, Not Die! Read online the eBook PDF version (Computers & Smartphones) for free here:

All Words & Images Copyright © 1999-2015 - Keith Alan Hamilton - All rights reserved.