It’s been said……

Saying writen for the 2nd book in the series Nature ~ IQ: let’s Survive, Not Die!  –  Adaptive Transitioning (in print spring of 2015).

“It’s been said, ‘you must spend money to make money’; likewise, if we want people to become less dependent on others, more self-responsible, self-reliant and durable, more willing and able to help themselves, and in turn be willing and able to help others do the same; wouldn’t it make sense to invest the time, effort, know how, technology and dollars to evolve cooperative ways of improving the overall well-being (mind, body and spirit) of We the people; a fair and useful question for an intelligently progressive, perceptive and proactively adaptive people, who have retained the hindsight of past experience; such a people can more readily foresee the need and value of a resilient, transitional and over time transformational objective for doing so, the lasting survival of the human species amongst the stars mapping out the totality called Nature.”

Saying by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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