if ~ We the people strong ~

A poem written to be in the second book of the series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s, Survive, Not Die! – Adaptive Transitioning.

we’ve heard
the fervent
reactionary words
“Boston Strong”
in response to
that cowardly
terrorist act
on that now infamous day
(side note: such terrorizing
are incapable
of dampening
the ultimate spirit
embedded in humankind
through the act of lending
other human beings
a helping hand
in a time of need   ~
~   you don’t knock us down
for long … We the people
bounced back even stronger
after that day
just like 9/11, end note)
which started in Hopkinton
then ended unsuspectingly
with the brutal force
of homemade bombs
near the finish line in Boston
I became concerned
for not only the well-being
of my daughter
who worked nearby
but every human
like her and me  ….
…..   I say
from this perspective
of being human
it’s necessary
to carry forth
the positive energy
of that day
and cry out to the world
these spirited
and heartfelt words …..
if   ~
We the people strong   ~
the We
is then
humanity strong   ~


especially strong  …..
if We
the human race
are going to become
prepared enough
to face head on
and warmongering
acts of behavior
way beyond the impact
of the Marathon bombers
through drastic
disruptive changes
to its earth system
that will become
extremely altered
from what we now know
and have grown accustom to
here on earth
as normal   ~
~    We the people
‘cause of this threat
deceivingly disguised
as some nurturing
mother earth  ….
…..    mindfully
must move beyond
the inference
implied by the THEM
those who claim to know
and insist
now is the time
for the We
to be mainly
mitigation strong
about all this to come  ……
I say   ~
let’s no longer expend
the precious time
have left
until the next
disruptive earth change
cycles through   ….
with feeble attempts
to slow down
our over-blown
contributory impingement
on so-called Gaia
that interdependently built
regulatory system
exquisitely revealed to us
through the genius
of James Lovelock
with the help of Lynn Margulis
but surely
they’d both say
if We asked   ~   that
are not even close
to understanding
how it all works
to even begin to think
can somehow fix it
or slow the earth’s
destructive march
towards disruptive change   ~
~    henceforth
must shed the guilt
of this postulated misnomer
from the THEM
who say
the whole system of Nature
how it acts and reacts
well enough to cast blame
about forthcoming changes
to what’s no more than
our earthly prison
this forcefully gravitated
and restrictively oxygenated
planetary bio-dome
where We
are destined to live
and die
due to
our predisposed beliefs   ~
~    I vehemently
and rebelliously repeat
as a living human inmate  …..
….    one of
We the people
seemingly held captive
to the despotism of
the earth’s ways
let’s shed this guilt
that sinful skin
off the back
of our archetype
devilish snake
so to rid
our collective mind
once and for all
of the vulnerability
possessed within
such an
inhibitive disposition
then We
will be
more willing
and able to fight
for our freedom  …..
…..    our right to choose
by becoming
proactive adaptation strong
the intelligently
progressive process
where the elasticity
nurtured within the human
behavioral pattern
of life sustaining
resilience   ~
~    a co-evolutionary experience
emergent from
cognitive interaction
that cooperatively perceives
the necessity for
and timely
transitional adjustments   ~
within a changing
terrestrial environment
such acts being born
of human inspiration
and novelty  ……
……    an intelligent perception
that’s transformational
to preserve
the generational
We the people   ~
~    symbolically like
the butterfly’s
from cocoon
to the magical

as with Newton’s
realization of
centrifugal force
and gravity  …..
this during
a earth centric
way of belief   ~
~    these eureka
type moments
are needed  …..
when it comes to
drastically disruptive
earth changes   ~
and the sustainable future
of the humankind

please  ….
don’t so quickly
out of
the epic race
for survival
whether if earthly
or amongst the stars above
why   ~   why do some
bet against us  …..
….    haven’t We
adaptively run
the course
many times before
as clearly recorded
in our evolutionary
past  …..
…..    sure
the complexity of today
with the challenges
the obstacles
may seem
even more
and overwhelming
than days gone by
the road of the present
that We
are on
no doubt appears
long and arduous   ~
the terrain
is far less predictable
the potholes   ~
dips and valleys
seem bottomless  …..
…..    full of fire
and brimstone
the hills ahead
look to be
of heartbreak
with gasping
for air altitude
how can
what Nature
will conjure up
and is lying in wait
around the next corner
as far as
whatever form
of drastically
earth change
be it by climate
or some other form
of natural
or human disaster
even extraterrestrial
invasion   ~

why should
We try
what chance
do We
really have
anyhow …..   some say

let us not become overwhelmed
with the perceived magnitude
of these earth changes to come

We must
wholeheartedly try
to envision ourselves
as mentioned before
as the butterfly …   transforming
itself from cocoon
all the way to its flight
across the earthly heavens  …..
…..   to further
enhance our perceptivity
it may be helpful
to see ourselves
as the marathoner
who proactively
for the environment
to be run in   ~   training
to be adaptive
to changing conditions
not only being resilient
in stamina
but transitioning
in pace
resolute in mind
to overcome the setbacks   ~
~    determined in stride
to keep moving
progressively forward
intelligently surveying
the surroundings ….   staying
ready to adjust the approach
no matter
the difficulties suffered
never allowing
to take hold
’cause the proper mindset
is retained
that the finish line
won’t be
quickly or easily
obtainable  …..
….    the process
of human transformation
to sustain and preserve
the survival of our species
is going to be
more like a marathon
not some 100 meter dash
over in seconds  …
…..    as We visualize
the metaphor
of this marathon
type racer during the run
on the road for survival
We the people
of the world
must see
the wisdom
of being energized   ~
and in need of  ….
the moral support
of the crowd
the world populace
We together
are all runners
all participants
no matter if in body or spirit
all of us rooting
and cheering
each other on to victory
when and how We finish
such support
each of us to be
more strong
as humans
through our utilizing
the collective force
of We the people
one   ~
~    strong
like Boston Strong
We the people strong
humanity strong
one focus
one purpose  …..
…..    our differences then
with each other
despite the color
of our skin
our sex
or way of belief
will seem less significant
where our need
to make
everyone like us
fades away
and is left behind
like our footsteps do
in a marathon
this goal for survival
unifies our bodies and minds
our collective spirit
adaptation strong
as on Marathon day
can then
find ways
to help each other
help ourselves
towards the completion
of this metaphorical race
the human
marathon to survival
with a finish line
that not only encompasses
the earth
but wherever
must travel
as a species
to live   ~
~   or
run on and on ….

if   ~
We the people strong   ~
the We
is then
humanity strong   ~

Let’s Survive, Not Die!

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

All Words & Images Copyright © 1999-2015 - Keith Alan Hamilton - All rights reserved.