do you believe ~

do you believe   ~
have faith in…..

the power
We the people
working together
as a whole
to become
one humanity
focused on improving
the wellbeing of everyone

I believe  ~  have faith in…..

the way
which leads
to everlasting joy
health and peace

that responsibility
rests on the shoulders
of humanity
and no one else…..

We the people

must find the way
to help each other
help ourselves
so in turn
when helped
we then help others
and on
and round
we go
like the merry-go-round
until the ills of the world
are figured out
become no more…..

do you believe   ~
have faith in…..

We the people
proactively working
together as one
where our legacy
will become   ~
the great healer
the great peacemaker
of the world

We the people
of today
shall become
the leaders
have the foresight
to make the time
to increase
our Nature  ~  IQ

intelligently progressing

so then
through our
acts and deeds   ~
and technological
with adaptive
and transitional
concepts and practices
~   the struggle and effort
put forth in these actions
will bring forth the means
for us to transform
like the butterfly….

help ourselves
our children
and their children
into the future
to survive   ~

by our developing

freely accessible
and affordable
~   energy
~   information/education
~   transportation
~   housing
~   health care
for all….

do you believe   ~
have faith in…..

We the people

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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