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Keith Hamilton’s Nature IQ poems are a call to action. Published in the midst of the chaos of the 2012 election, his words are strong, empathetic, sensitive, and welcoming.  He doesn’t mince them.  He doesn’t fear showing his feelings – from the very first poem in the book called beyond 2012 – gonna be more proactive:

“here’s what/ I’ll be doing/ not waiting around/ or being held back/ by some wacko prophesy/ Nostradamus/ Mayan calendar/ global warming/ earth chant – bullshit – /nope…”

he asks and includes We the people to join him “….to better assure/the survival of our kind/our children and our children into the future….”

Hamilton shows us his heart and soul in this work.  He also includes photos of his beautiful grand-babies as symbols for what he wants and needs to protect.

He is also generous.  Hamilton asks those who read his work, produced in the book-like flip-book technology, to distribute it freely online.  He wants his words read by as many people as possible.  He writes in his poem called a clear cut message, “communicate it to all…”

Hamilton writes in the Preface to Nature IQ, “As a concerned citizen, being a part of We the people, I express in the best manner humanly possible a nonpartisan voice echoing common sense and reason in the midst of all the 2012 commotion.  It is a voice, if combined with the many, may over time possess a greater value for all humanity.”

I urge you to read Keith Alan Hamilton’s poems and share them freely.

Madeline Sharples
Author of Leaving the Hall Light On

Author, Keith Alan Hamilton’s book, Nature ~ IQ “Let’s Survive, Not Die!”, is inspirational and thought-provoking.   As our planet and our cosmos groan and shift in their cycles of attempted self-preservation, the actions and results are not anthropocentric.   In the face of this reality, can the human species preserve itself in the great, effortful evolution and adaptation of all things?  Can humanity develop Nature ~ IQ in order to adapt, when it has surrendered to, but not yet realized the source of its own sense of helplessness in the desire to survive?  When will The People demand that their governments fulfill the role of servant to The People, and embrace knowledge and adaptive planning to address the inevitable changes to our planet?  Our cosmos?  Ourselves?  If you desire to live, to make it possible for your children, and your children’s children, and generations beyond to survive, this book is a great cure, and must-read for overcoming a sense of helplessness, and inspiring a sense of can-do.  Keith Alan Hamilton’s spirit is contagious; his poetry and sayings wash over the reader, bathing them in an infinite spring of fresh hope and determination.

~Geri Algeri~

To me, this is not just a book about poetry.  It is a book about one man’s life journey provided a vision and a framework for how we can come together to change the world for the better.

Have you ever wondered if you could change the world?  Have you ever wondered if you should?  Keith’s book provides insights into why you should care.  If you don’t read this book for yourselves, then read it for the sake of those you care about.

Based on his life, Keith outlines, the areas that mankind needs to focus on to survive in these difficult and changing times, in a world that waits for no one.  His approach is multifaceted citing: history, spirituality and human nature.  His examples are thought provoking and colorful.  Most importantly his rationale is sound. I suspect you will be thinking two things once you read it.  What are the specifics (Keith) of your plan for the areas that you cited that we need to work on?  How can I help?

This book will get you thinking in ways that you might not have in the past.  Most likely not for your sake, but for the sake of your loved ones and for future generations to come.  I both enjoyed it and I highly recommend it.

Bill Arruda

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