Direct Action ~ Dedicated to David Eberhardt

as our paths crossed along
the expansive
biosphere….. teeming
with a diversity of life
where acts of violence
or aggression
whether said to be  ~
socially embedded
whether considered  ~
a negative or a positive form
of direct action
like symbiosis
which stimulates
mutual partnering
according to Lynn Margulis
even though
something had to invade
something else to force a bond
to evolve life…. improving
its chance for survival
~  the story of your experience
still to be fully told
in more detail
within the words
of your memoir
For All the Saints
changed me
forever….. stirring
the blood of my soul
my mentor
from there
I grew
I matured
then expanded
my expectation
for peace through healing
by improving on
the overall wellbeing
of all humanity
throughout the world
and the methodology
it would take
to make
such a lofty aspiration
more feasible
through cooperative
nonviolence…. embodying
the spirit of Gandhi
King and Mandela
direct action
(a proactive process)
needs to be
tempered with
patience and tolerance
towards others
especially those
perceived as our enemy
as they will  ~  like you
learned from your interactions
with others
and me as well
within the expansive
~  all humanity
progresses intelligently
at a pace set by themselves
by way of lived experience
and ’cause of such
a process…. and our
better understanding of it
we are less likely to become
discouraged and apathetic
along the way…. avoiding
direct acts out of desperation
while transitioning
to obtain
total transformation
~  a world of joy
felt and nurtured
within the comforting
environment of peace
’cause of you
the knowledge of why
and how
as you say
in your own words
the ‘Saints
did it
I now possess
the hindsight
as I see it
rather than being
some sanctimonious
judger of past events
where now
the luxury of this hindsight
I am more able to discern
the negative
or positive effect
this kind of
direct action had
(blood poured on draft files)
what it did
or did not achieve
in advancing
the cause of peace…..
…..was the reaction
to that act of protest
the value feelings
such a method invoked
did it due to the emotion
produced  ~  overshadow
the metaphor….
with its intention
to dramatically illustrate
the message for the cause

let me pause and say

if it wasn’t for such acts
by The Baltimore Four
as well as others
I (we)
wouldn’t now have
the foresight
on how to better
go about  ~
more effectively
the cause of peace
through a process of healing
by improving wellbeing  ~  today
with its myriad of circumstances
the complexity of the old
mixed with the new
where the manner of our
proactive process
our direct actions
will cause us to adjust
our flight plan periodically
somewhat alter our path
while we doers for change
continue to navigate
the biosphere…..
times…. seemingly
foreboding landscape
polluted with indifference
clouded by impatience
and intolerance
which often stirs up
a violent storm…. raining
down on the powerless
its bloody mayhem
peace  ~  out  humanity

Image & Words by  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~
Dedicated to my mentor David Eberhardt

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